Tuesday, July 20, 2021

What is Sintered Stone used for?

Sintered Stone Dimensions:

1. 1600x3200mm Backdrop for Villas, Only need one large format panel to bring the feeling of beauty.

2. 1200x2800mm Background of living room, allowing to create full wall display and also able to view the texture in full.

3. 1200x2400mm Mostly used on Flooring, Kitchen Countertop, Furniture Panels.

4. 800x2600mm Mostly used as bathroom wall, minimize joints for a more hygienic surface.

5. 3mm-6mm Apply to door, furniture and wall decorations.

6. 12mm-20mm Apply to bar counter, kitchen countertop and dining tables.

Suitable for wide range of applications: Cabinet, Office Table, Tea Table, Laboratory Table, Kitchen Countertop, TV Stand, Dining Table, Bathroom, Background wall, Wall Cladding , Floorings, Stairs, Bay Window.

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