ABOUT Bstone

Founded in the year 2016, BStone is a young and dynamic company with more than 20 years experience of manufacturer exporter of natural stone and artificial stone. Using its long years of experience in the natural stone and artificial stone sector, Bstone offers two new artificial stone product with its brand for the use of designers and architects:
BStone Sintered Stone and BStone Quartz Stone .

BStone Sintered Stone

Thanks to its rich colour scale, high similarity image with natural stones, easy processing, durability, lightness and easy cleaning; Bstone Sintered Stone provides ideal results for unlimited indoor and outdoor applications in commercial and residential areas: countertops, flooring, walling, facades, interior furniture. Bstone has nearly 300 types of unique aesthetic design sintered stone products with superior physical properties.

BStone Quartz Stone

BStone is also specialized in artificial quartz stone products such quartz slabs, quartz counter tops, quartz worktops, cut-to-size products, wall and floor tiles and home decorative items, etc.